Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reflexology will Like Them!!

Lots of people are amazed when you home birth and especially when you play it off like it’s no big deal...but these little combs were just AWESOME for me and I used them for three out of four of the births. They cost about $10 and I can honestly say they helped me a lot. They relieve pain through pressure points in the fingers and as the due date comes on, I find my combs in the attic and they make their way closer and closer to my bedside table. The night before the due date, I put them under my pillow or somewhere VERY EASY to access.  This last birth, I had them very very close to me and I was in some serious labor two different nights for a couple of hours, pretty much by myself. When the contractions peaked, I would squeeze my combs, and there was a big difference between “comb” contractions and “non-comb” contractions. I wouldn’t do a birth without them. 

    Well, I get asked where I bought these and the humble little things just get tossed back in my “birth box” the second the birth is over, so the distant memory of where I bought them or how I heard about them is just that-a distant memory. Well, it came back to me tonight after days and days of pondering where I got them, so I put the website up by those handy dandy combs and here: just for you. If you are birthing in the near future and can’t get drugs until 4 centimeters, get some combs. You’ll like them. 

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